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Vision Statement

Osmaston Primary School Vision Statement

At Osmaston Primary School pupils are supported and nurtured in order to develop their aspirations for their future as learners and as positive contributors to society.  We expect every pupil to put learning first, work hard and be nice to themselves and others in order to achieve the highest academic standards.  We offer a safe and enjoyable learning environment where excellence is promoted.

Our vision is encapsulated in the school motto which is "believe and achieve" and is supported by two simply academy rules:

1)  Be nice

2)  Work hard

The vision essentially aligns itself to two key principles - that we aim for a high level of academic achievement and that we will also help pupils to be good and happy citizens by instilling positive behaviours, beliefs and knowledge and encouraging them to aspire to further education (research shows that, on average, people who have a university degree will earn around £500,000 more in a lifetime than those with only GCSEs and that they will live an average of seven years longer).