• “OPS is fun and you can meet people from lots of other countries”

Core Priorities

Osmaston Primary School Mission Statement

We value and respect ourselves and everyone in our wider school community.

We are totally committed to equality of opportunity and actively oppose all forms of discrimination.

We strive to nurture a love for, and life-long enjoyment of, learning.

Our Aims

As a school we believe:

  • everyone has the right to succeed and become a lifelong learner
  • everyone has the right to contribute through listening and sharing ideas

We aim to:

  • be a happy, healthy and caring school where everyone feels safe 
  • provide an inspirational and relevant curriculum taught to a high standard 
  • promote good behaviour, attendance and punctuality through praise, encouragement and respect 
  • encourage parents and the community to work in partnership

In partnership with parents, governors and the wider community, staff and pupils strive to maintain a welcoming, caring, safe and secure environment and to ensure a learning culture of continuous challenge and high expectations.

Behaviour Statement

At Osmaston Primary School we believe it is important that children develop a sense of respect, pride and responsibility towards themselves, their work, the school and its environment, and towards their own and other people's property.

Good behaviour is essential to create an effective learning environment. In order to achieve this we have developed a set of 'Golden Expectations':

  • Kind hands, kind feet, kind thoughts, kind words 
  • Listen and speak kindly to each other without interrupting 
  • Walk calmly and quietly around our school 
  • Do as we are asked first time Respect ourselves and others 
  • Care for our school and everyone's property

High standards of work and conduct are promoted by rewarding achievements in work, effort, behaviour and lunchtime conduct. Awards are presented in assembly and names are entered on special displays.

The school has rigorous and systematic procedures for dealing with behaviour problems. The procedures are shared with all pupils and we feel that it is important for all parents to understand them and to support the school.