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Foundation Stage

Foundation Stage Phase Leader - Mrs Tahira Qureshi

Welcome to the web page for the foundation stage - nursery (FS1) and reception (FS2) at Osmaston Primary School.  Over the next few months we will be adding to the web page with pieces of information and news as well as the latest knowledge organisers.  If you have any suggestions of things that you would like on the web page then please do not hesitate to let me know.  If you are new to the nursery or shortly have a child starting there then you can access the new parent handbook by clicking here.

Foundation Stage Groups

NURSERY (FS1) - Bear Class (Mrs R Badham)

RECEPTION (FS2) - Squirrel Class (Mrs Liles), Lemur Class (Mrs Sims) and Rabbit Class (Mrs Qureshi)

Bear Class Plans

Autumn Term- Our focus in the Autumn term is to help children to settle into their new learning environment and to feel happy, safe and secure. We will find out about people who help us in school and the wider community. We will observe changes that take place during Autumn and go for a local walk to see what is in our local area. We will perform a Christmas Nativity play and learn how Christmas is celebrated.
Spring Term- We will explore changes that take place outdoors in Winter and find out what happens when water freezes and melts. We will learn about light and dark and how things work through a range of activities.  This half term we will be reading The Gingerbread Man and making our own gingerbread.
Summer Term- We will go on a trip to Bluebell Dairy Farm and learn all about farm animals. We will grow fruit and vegetables in our mini garden. We will explore about transport and different ways we can travel.

Early Years Foundation Stage Profile

If you want to find out more about the EYFS profile and how you can help your child is ready for KS1 then have a look at our Learning and Assessment webpage.

Knowledge Organisers - FS1

You can access below the current knowledge organisers for FS1 below

The Somethingosaurus Knowledge Organiser

Gingerbread Man Knowledge Organiser

Knowledge Organisers - FS2

You can access below the current knowledge organisers for all our FS2 classes:

Living Eggs Knowledge Organiser

Three Little Pigs Knowledge Organiser

For more information about the best way to use knowledge organisers to support your child's learning, please look at our Learning and Pupil Support page.