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Osmaston Primary School Governors

The Governing Body of Osmaston Primary School comprises of nine Governors as follows:

1 Headteacher
2 Parent Governors
4 Co-opted Governors
1 Staff Governors
1 Local Authority Governor


Headteacher - our Headteacher is a member of our Governing Body by virtue of her office.

Parent Governor - is a parent or carer of a registered pupil in our school at the time of appointment. Each Parent Governor must possess the necessary skills to contribute to the effective governance and success of our school.

Co-opted Governor - is a Governor who demonstrates the necessary skills to contribute to the effective governance and success of our school.

Staff Governor - is a member of staff (teaching or non-teaching), who at the time of appointment is employed by Derby City Council under a contract of employment.

Local Authority Governor - our Local Authority Governor is nominated by Derby City Council but appointed by the Governing Body. He / she must have the required skill set to contribute to effective governance and the success of the school. An individual eligible to be a staff governor cannot be a local authority governor.


Governing Body Details 2016-2017

Name Date of Appointment Appointing Body Term of Office End Date Category Business & Pecuniary Interests Any Other Governance Roles Attendance Records at Meetings 2015/16 Attendance Records at Meetings 2016/17
Margot Davison 30/06/2015 Governing Body 4 Years 31/05/2019 Co-opted No No 100% 90% (9/10)
Natasha Jago 31/10/2016 Governing Body 4 Years 23/01/2017 Co-opted No No N/A 40% (2/5)
Judith Lloyd-Williams 01/04/2015 Governing Body Open-ended whilst in post Headteacher No No 100% 100% (10/10)
Louise May 01/04/2015 Parents 4 Years 31/03/2019 Parent No No 89% 60% (6/10)
Ashton Mortimer 31/10/2016 Parents 4 Years 30/10/2020 Parent No No N/A 22% (2/9)
Miles Newey 21/11/2016 Governing Body 4 Years 20/11/2020 Co-opted No No N/A 37.5% (3/8)
Vickie Rock 01/04/2015 Staff 4 Years 31/03/2019 Staff No No 89% 90% (9/10)
Father Leonard Young 11/07/2016 Governing Body 4 Years 10/07/2020 Co-opted No Yes - Bishop Lonsdale, Church of England, Primary School and Nursery 100% 100% (10/10)
Vacancy Co-opted
Vacancy Local Authority
Clerk to Governors Stuart McDonough

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