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School Council


Osmaston Primary School - School Council Statement

Osmaston Primary School has a well-established School Council, which allows every child to have a voice on, and be consulted about, a wide range of matters.

Every child is a member of the School Council. The school believes that this encourages children to have ownership of problems and their solutions, gives them a sense of responsibility and helps them develop good communication skills and the ability to share.

Two children from each class from Reception to Year 6 are voted by their class onto the School Council Representative Group. This group meets regularly to discuss current issues and then feeds back to each class. Each class has its own Class Council which listens to the feedback and sends a response back to the School Council Representative Group.

The School Council deals with a very wide range of issues such as the aims of the school, Healthy School issues, pupil behaviour, playground activities, and aspects of fundraising.