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Sport Premium


Osmaston Primary School Sport Premium Allocation 

What is the Sport Premium Funding?

In order to 'Inspire a Generation' after the 2012 London Olympic Games the government pledged £150,000,000 of Sport Premium funding per annum to primary schools. This money was to be used purely on Physical Education (PE) in order to promote healthier lifestyles, raise achievement in PE lessons and to inspire children not yet engaged in PE.

The money, £8000 per school, plus some extra depending on the number of children in the school, was initially for one year but has now been extended for a further 4 years.

How can the Sport Premium be used?

Schools can use it to:

  • employ experts to train staff to have more expertise and confidence delivering PE
  • employ specialist sports coaches to help increase the skill level of staff delivering PE and sport in school
  • support the leadership and management of PE
  • increase the facilities and equipment for PE and sport in school
  • develop extra-curricular sports clubs
  • work in partnership with other schools 
  • enter more competitions

Sport Premium Allocation 2016-2017

Action Steps





Success criteria

Increase participation by providing school PE kit for those who do not have their PE kit


Autumn 2 2016

PE kits


PE kit reminders


Most children are participating in PE. Lack of kit is not a reason for non-participation.


Mini Leader training for 12 x Year 5 pupils and 12 x Year 2 pupils

Liam Drake, Derby SSP

Autumn 2 2016


£150 including mini leader resources.

Provision of mini leaders at lunchtime and playtime.

Mini leaders delivering lunchtime and playtime activities incorporating playground markings.



PE learning walks to celebrate good practice and identify areas for development.


Premier Sports

Autumn 2016 – Summer 2017


Release time.

Lesson observations. Feedback to individual staff and inform future areas of development/training. QA by SSP/PS/SLT

All year groups to have feedback on quality of T and L in PE and all clear on ways to develop.

Share good practice in staff meetings.

PE lessons across the school should meet required standards.



Develop teacher skills through whole school training, CPD and coaching specifically in Games and OAA.



Spring 2017 (Games)

Summer 2017


£500 for inset training

Whole school inset sessions in Games and OAA.

Improved provision.

Support for identified staff.

Baseline monitoring of delivery of Games and OAA.

Pupil interviews.

Curriculum maps and planning scrutiny.



Re-introduce DPA/ Activ8/Five a Day activity

All staff

Autumn 2016 – Summer 2017

£200 for programme



All pupils participate in 5-10 min discrete daily physical activity.

Increased activity in afternoons.



Increase numbers of children competing in inter-school sports.


Autumn 2016 – July 2017

Transport, staffing

Budget TBC

Pupil interviews.

Feedback and outcomes from competitions.

Number of children across phase groups attending inter school sports and SSP activities increased.




Facilitate one yearly Year Group intra-school sports event additional to Moorway Sports Day.

TQ/EP/Premier Sports/All staff

Jan 2017 – July 2017

Budget TBC

All staff to give feedback.

Pupil interviews in order to plan for 2017-2018

All pupils to be involved in two intra-school sporting events in a school year.




  • End December 2016 – All children to be taking part in 2 x PE lessons per week (including swimming, Year 3 and 4)
  • July 2017 – All PE lessons across the school to be following approved SSP/PS planning and be consistently good or better.
  • July 2017 – Osmaston Primary School to have taken part in 5 inter-school competitions.



Financial Implications


£1550 as detailed above


Budget for transport to inter-school competitions (TBC 21.10.16)


Budget for intra-school event at Moorways (TBC)

Sport Premium Allocation 2015 – 2016 

For the academic year 2015 – 2016 Osmaston Primary School will receive £10,105 of the Sport Premium funding.

The following main foci for the Sport Premium funding were identified:

  • the employment of a  Derby City SSP PE specialist to coach and mentor teachers in lessons to increase their subject knowledge and confidence in delivery of PE
  • the employment of additional Premier Sports coaches to run competitions and to increase pupils participation in inter- school competitions 
  • raising the achievement and motivation of pupils during play time and lunchtime by training Year 2 and Year 5 Mini Leaders 
  • developing intra school competitions from FS2 to Year 6 
  • supporting the leadership and management of PE by funding training for one member of staff to access the Level 5 Professional qualification in 'Primary School Physical Education and Subject Leadership'
FocusWork UndertakenYear GroupsTotal Cost
Professional Development

Attainment and Motivation of Pupils
Employment of two external PE specialist provider to deliver focused outdoor learning/physical development opportunities in FS1

One day per week
Early Years Foundation Stage 1 £840
(for 1 term) 
Leadership and Management

Professional Development

Attainment and Motivation of Pupils
SSP Mentoring

Tuesday AM - Y3
Tuesday AM - Y4
LP Level 4/5 Sports Leader Training
Year 3
Year 4
Motivation pf Pupils

Participation and Enjoyment

Parent Partnership
Hiring of stadium and track at Moorways Leisure Centre to facilitate intra school competition and Sports Day 2 x morning Early Years Foundation Stage 2 – Year 6 £350
Participation and Enjoyment OHSL – Premier Sports after school provision – sports clubs and intra/inter schools competitions. (Archery, Dodgeball, Handball) Key Stage 1/Key Stage 2 £480 per term

Total £1,440
Participation and Enjoyment Derby County Football Club Lunchtime Gymnastics Club Year 1 8 sessions @ £20 per session Total £160
Professional Development

Attainment and Motivation of Pupils
Derby City SSP Schemes of Work for FS, Key Stage 1 and 2 Games Gymnastics Dance FS-KS2 £900
Participation and Enjoyment

Attainment and Motivation of Pupils
Derby City SSP Mini Leader Training – Year 5

Derby City SSP Model Mini Leader Training – Year 2
Year 2

Year 5
Professional Development

Attainment and Motivation of Pupils
Derby City SSP: Dance 2015 Schemes of work for FS2, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Early Years Foundation Stage 2 – Key Stage 2 £80
Leadership and Management

Professional Development

Attainment and Motivation of Pupils
Level 5/6 Professional Qualification in Primary School Physical Education and Subject Leadership - 2 Years 1 Friday each half term LP Year 3 Teacher £1,300
    Total so far £7,970
    Left to spend £2,135