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We have a large team of staff, well over one hundred, who work very hard to keep the school running well.  Not only do we have the classroom-based staff, but there is also a team of staff who work 'behind the scenes' to keep everything running smoothly.  All our staff are equally valued as we all have an important role to play.

Foundation Team

The foundation team comprises the nursery class (Bear) and three reception classes (Squirrel, Lemur and Rabbit).  The foundation team staff are:

Raj Badhan - nursery teacher (Bear), Leanne Bramwell - teaching assistant, Lynn Cliffe - teaching assistant, Felicity Edwards - teaching assistant, Sharanjit Kaloya - teaching assistant, Teri Liles - class teacher (Squirrel), Mustafa Jaclyn - teaching assistant, Jackie Rodell - teaching assistant, Tahira Qureshi - foundation stage leader and class teacher (Rabbit), Collete Rushton - teaching assistant, Michelle Sims - class teacher (Lemur), Karen Walsh - teaching assistant, Louise Watson - teaching assistant and Sue Whitworth - teacher (covers other teachers during their planning time).

Key Stage One Team

The key stage one team comprises three year one classes (Toucan, Butterfly and Lion) and three year two classes (Jaguar, Koala and Ladybird).  The KS1 team staff are:

Charlotte Bates - teacher (Koala), Manpreet Bhatia - teacher (Butterfly), Ellie Bill - teacher (Lion), Mandy Boyle - teaching assistant, Chelsea Clay - teaching assistant, Helen Connaughton - teacher (Jaguar). Mel Dodd - teacher (Ladybird), Julie Eaton - teaching assistant, Leanne Flint - joint KS1 leader (year one lead) and class teacher (Toucan), Elena McColl - joint KS1 leader (year two lead) and class teacher (Ladybird), Anna Novak - teaching assistant, Lauren Reeves - teaching assistant, Julie Sheldon - teaching assistant, Manjit Sian - teaching assistant and Rachel Tunney - assistant head teacher (pastoral) and class teacher (Toucan).

Lower Key Stage Two Team

The lower key stage one team comprises three year three classes (Dolphin, Gorilla and Turtle) and three year four classes (Giraffe, Hedgehog and Panda).  The lower KS2 team staff are:

Margaret Barroso - teaching assistant, Annette Bryant - teacher (Gorilla), Jo Davies - teacher (Turtle), Ziggy Davies - teaching assistant, Sarah Dogruel - teacher (Dolphin), Sarah Johnson - teaching assistant, Amy Lowndes - teacher (Giraffe), Michelle Morley - teaching assistant, Ali O'Brien - teacher (Gorilla), Liz Payne - lower KS2 lead and class teacher (Hedgehog), Claire Rollinson - teaching assistant, Craig Terpilowski - teacher (Panda) and Heidi Weale - teaching assistant.

Upper Key Stage Two Team

The upper key stage one team comprises three year five classes (Lynx, Cheetah and Panther) and two year six classes (Tiger and Chameleon).  The upper KS2 team staff are:

Kelly Basra - upper KS2 leader and class teacher (Cheetah), Allison Caul - teacher (Tiger), Emma Churn - teaching assistant, Sarah Davies - teacher (Lynx), Collette Hague (Chameleon), Angela Keane - teaching assistant, Jane Kniveton - teaching assistant, Maxine O'Neill - teaching assistant, Laura Parkin - teaching assistant, Katy Popple - assistant head teacher (teaching and learning) and class teacher (Lynx),  Chris Quinlan - teacher (Panther), Martine Ross - teaching assistant, Tina Smith - teaching assistant and Kay Thornhill - teaching assistant.

You may also come across Brian O'Reilly who is a teacher who provides classroom cover and so moves around from class to class during the week.

Pastoral Team

The pastoral team comprises:

Tracey Baxter - nurture group leader, Lisa Birks - nurture group, Natalie Buxton - nurture group, Sam Stuart - nurture group, Sarah Hanson - learning mentor, Liz Hutchinson - family support, Louise Sneap - learning mentor and Jan Walker - learning mentor.

Senior Leadership Team

The senior leadership team comprises:

Wendy Baxter - interim head teacher, Katy Popple - assistant head teacher (teaching and learning), Vickie Rock - deputy head teacher, Suzie Simpson - acting business manager and Rachel Tunney - assistant head teacher (pastoral).

Administrative Team

The admin team comprises:

Anne May - admin assistant, Sarah Sawford - administrator, Cathy Wagstaff - administrator and Suzie Simpson - acting business manager.

Catering Team

The catering team comprises:

Kizzy Beckford - kitchen asst, Jackie Benjamin - kitchen asst, Jane Couchman - kitchen asst, Jeanette Delahay - kitchen asst, Tracey Gumm - kitchen asst, Brian Norris - interim catering manager, Patricia Parrell - cook, Sandra Theobold - kitchen asst and Lisa Wheatley - cook/kitchen assistant.

Lunchtime Team

The lunchtime team comprises:

Sam Bates, Sarah Bell, Daljet Birling, Jade Bumford, Katie Burton, Ziggy Davies (lunchtime team leader), Rachel Dixon, Lilian Folkes, Donna Gorbett, Amanda Gray, Cassandra Hind, Jackie House, Odete Meyer Newes, Jayne Mosley, Teresa Peel, Dana Pdsvinka and Pamela Raynes.

Site Team

The site team comprises:

Amanda Bell, Jackie Benjamin, George Marilyn, Beverly Gillott, Pat McKenzie (asst site manager), Pamela Rayner, Sandra Theobold and Stephen Toombs (site manager).