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Bear is Osmaston Primary School's Nursery.  We have children who attend either morning or afternoon sessions, and more recently we offer a Flexible Free Entitlement for settled children.  The Flexible Free Entitlement allows parents/carers to leave their child at Nursery for either a Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday am or a Wednesday pm/Thursday/Friday.  Please enquire at the school office to enrol your child for Nursery, as we have a waiting list.

Mrs Badhan FS1 Teacher

Miss Bale Teaching Assistant

Ms Jeffers Teaching Assistant

Mrs Cliff Teaching Assistant

Mrs Garbett Midday Playworker


Bee Class is Year 5.  Miss Beecroft is the Class Teacher.

Miss Beecroft Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Podvinskis Midday Playworker


Butterfly is a Year 1 Class.  The teacher is Mrs Bhatia.

Mrs Bhatia Year 1 Teacher

Miss Richards Midday Playworker


Chameleon Class is Year 6.  The teacher of this class is Miss Hague.

Miss Hague Year 6 Teacher

Mrs McCall Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sudava Midday Playworker


Cheetah Class is Year 5.  Mrs Basra is the teacher of this class.

Mrs Basra Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Thornhill Teaching Assistant

Ms S Winson Midday Playworker


Dolphin Class is Year 3.  The teacher of this class is Mrs Dogruel.

Mrs Dogruel Year 3 Teacher 

Mrs Johnson Teaching Assistant

Mrs Gray Midday Playworker

Mrs S Bates Midday Playworker

Mrs Stevens Teaching Assistant


Fox is a Year 6 Class.  Mrs Rock is the teacher of this Class, along with Mr O'Reilly on a Friday.

Mrs Rock Deputy Head/Year 6 Teacher


Hedgehog Class is Year 3.  The teacher of this class is Mrs Payne.

Mrs Payne Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Sian Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hind Midday Playworker


Jaguar is a Year 2 Class.  Miss Raju is the teacher.

Miss Raju Year 2 Teacher

Mrs Yeomans Midday Playworker


Koala is a Year 4 Class.  Mr Gard is the teacher.

Mr Gard Deputy Head/Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Chambers Teaching Assistant

Miss Dixon Midday Playworker


Ladybird Class is Year 2.  The class teachers are Mrs McColl (Monday/Tuesday) and Miss Dodd (WEdnesday/Thursday/Friday).

Mrs McColl Year 2 Teacher

Miss Dodd Year 2 Teacher

Miss Reeves Teaching Assistant

Miss Colebourne Midday Playworker

Mrs Mason Midday Playworker


Lemur Class is a Reception Class.  Mrs Sims is the teacher of this class.

Mrs Sims FS2 Teacher

Miss Edwards Teaching Assistant

Mr Guy Teaching Assistant


Leopard Class is Year 3.  The class teachers are Mrs Osbaldeston (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) and Mrs Bryant (Thursday/Friday).

Mrs Osbaldeston Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Bryant Year 3 Teacher

Miss Stott Teaching Assistant

Ms Wills Midday Playworker


Lion Class is Year 1.  Mrs Bill is the teacher of this class.

Mrs BillYear 2 Teacher

Mrs Wade Teaching Assistan

tMrs Fowlkes Midday Playworker

Mrs Hill Midday Playworker

Mrs Hill Midday Playworker


Orangutan is a Year 1 Class.  Miss O'Brien is the teacher.

Miss O'Brien Year 1 Teacher

Mrs House Midday Playworker


Rabbit Class is a Reception Class.  Mrs Qureshi is the teacher.

Mrs Qureshi FS2 Teacher

Miss Mosley Midday Playworker


Squirrel Class is a Reception Class.  Mrs Liles is the teacher of this class.

Mrs Liles FS2 Teacher

Miss J Winson Midday Playworker

Mrs Walsh Teaching Assistant

Mrs House Midday Playworker

Ms S Winson Midday Playworker


Tiger Class is Year 5.  The teachers are Mr Gard and Mrs Lekh.

Mrs Caul Year 5 teacher

Mrs D Bates Midday Playworker

Mrs Sheldon Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hind Midday Playworker

Mrs Mason Midday Playworker


Toucan Class is Year 1.  The teachers are Mrs Relf and Mrs Flint.

Mrs Tunney Assistant Headteacher/SENCO/Year 1 Class Teacher

Mrs Flint Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Barroso Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sudava Midday Playworker

Mrs Yeomans Midday Playworker

Mrs Hancock Midday Playworker


Zebra Class is Year 4.  Miss Andrews is the teacher of this class.

Mrs Hancock Midday Playworker

Mrs McCarthy Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Eaton Teaching Assistant

Mrs Fowlkes Midday Playworker

Non classroom based staff

Throughout the School we have support staff, for example Office Staff, Site Manager, Catering Manager, Higher Level Teaching Assistants, Behaviour and Learning Mentors and Midday Supervisors.  Although not based in one class, they work in many areas of school and impact on the school as a whole.

Ms Lloyd-Williams Headteacher

Mrs Parkin Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Miss Keane Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Caul Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Simpson Administrator

Mrs Sawford Administrator

Mrs Wagstaff Administrator

Mrs Malhi-Kainth School Business Manager

Mrs May First Aider/Administrator

Mr Toombs Site Manager

Mrs Hutchinson Every Child Matters Manager

Miss Keane Art Teacher/HLTA

Miss Grattidge Behaviour Mentor

Miss Sneap Behaviour Mentor

Miss Thornley Behaviour Mentor

Mr Mansbridge Teaching Assistant

Mr O'Reilly Teacher

Mr Treanor Behaviour Mentor

Mrs Caul Behaviour Mentor

Mrs Churn Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hanson Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Bates Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kaloya Teaching Assistant

Mrs Nowak Teaching Assistant