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Staff Continuing Professional Development

This page is primarily for classroom-based staff at Osmaston Primary School.  Its purpose is to act as a central resource of articles, videos and podcasts related to how we view teaching and learning within the school.  However, as a parent or member of the community, you may find the content of interest also.

The Knowledge-Based Curriculum and Knowledge Organisers

Commentary by Amanda Spielman, HMCI, on the primary and secondary curriculum

The Michaela Community School podcast, this is a very interesting secondary free school in London who do things differently.  They have pioneered the knowledge-based curriculum, use of knowledge organisers and regular quizzing as a means of assessment.

This blog post tells you all about knowledge organisers and how to produce a good one.

John Kenny's blog post on 'why we should be a sage on the stage rather than a guide on the side'.

Claire Seally writes in her blog about designing a curriculum to have horizontal, vertical and diagonal links.

Find out more about the Knowledge Organiser website by watching the video below.