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General Information

Parent Information

Welcome to the Parent Information Section of our website.  We hope that you will find the information that you need here, but if not, then please do ask.  Our contact details are available from the 'contact us' web page.  In most instances your child's class teacher will provide a useful point of contact and be able to answer any of your questions.

Term Dates

You can find all the details of our term dates and any other significant events happening in school from our 'whats on when' web page.

Pupil Absence

If your child is ill and unable to attend school then please telephone us before the start of the morning session on the main telephone number, stating the reason for the absence (we need to know as we have to record this on our registers).  If we do not hear from you and your child is absent then we will make contact with you to check on their absence - either by telephone or, if necessary, a home visit.

If you are having an issue with a child who is reluctant to come into the school in the morning or has a chronic health problem that is making good attendance difficult, please speak with Cathy Wagstaff at reception about this issue initially.  We can provide you with support to assist and ensure that your child does not fall behind in their education.

Unfortunately, we are not able to grant any leave of absence during term time for pupils to accompany parents on their annual holidays.   Holidays taken during term time are classed as unauthorised absence and this can lead to a substantial fine served against both parents.  We only grant authorised absence during term time in exceptional circumstances and, if you feel that you may qualify for this please approach the head teacher initially to discuss.  Leave of absence cannot be authorised retrospectively.  Please note that if you go ahead with a holiday during term time when unauthorised, you may receive a fixed penalty notice issued through the Local Authority.  

Timings of the School Day

Foundation Stage - nursery is open from 08:45 until 11:45 and then from 12:15 until 15:15.  In FS2 the day starts at 08:55, lunch is from 11:15 until 13:15 and the school day ends at 15:15.

Key Stage One - the day starts at 08:55 when Y2 teachers will collect classes from the playground ad Y1 teachers open classroom doors to admit classes.  On a Monday and Friday there is an assembly following morning registration.  Playtime is from 10:35 until 10:50 and lunchtime from 11:55 until 13:15.  The school day ends at 15:15.

Key Stage Two - the day starts at 08:45 when teachers collect classes from the playgorund.  On a Monday and Friday there is an assembly following morning registration.  Playtine is from 10:35 until 10:50 and lunchtime from 12:00 until 13:15.  The school day ends at 15:15.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club runs every school day from 08:00 until 08:45 in our canteen.  All parents and pupils of this school are welcome.  It costs 20p for toast, cereal and a hot drink.  Further hot items are available for a small additional cost and a full price list can be found in the reception area.

School Lunches

School lunches cost £2.00 per day for KS2 children (Y3 to Y6) and are currently free for younger pupils.  We ask you to pay on a Monday of each week, children should bring the cash into school in an envelope marked with their name ideally. 

If you feel you may be entitled to free school meals, please complete an application form by clicking here - your child may well be eligible for these.   

From January 2018 parents will be required to give half a term's notice if they wish to change from school lunches to packed lunches or vice versa, although we will always do our best to meet one-off requests due to special circumstances.

There is a wide choice of food available and this includes a vegetarian option, a main meal, a jacket potato option, pasta and a selection of sandwiches plus a choice of desserts, including fresh fruit.

Please ensure that the school is kept fully aware of any dietary allergies that your child has.

End of Day Collection

Please inform school if anyone other than parents are collecting pupils.  We regret that, in order to ensure that all children are kept safe, we cannot release a child to another adult unless we have prior notification of this.   Older pupils can leave school unaccompanied at the end of the school day by parental agreement with the class teacher.

School Clubs

We have a wide variety of clubs that children can access with some being run during the lunchtime period and others after school.  Our after school clubs are currently run by Premier Sports and the actual sport offered is updated each term according to the seasons and popularity.  After school clubs run until 16:20 and there are spaces for 20 pupils.  Pupils must have a signed permission letter, updated each half term, before they are allowed to take part.  At the present time the sports offered are:  Monday - Y4/Y5 boxing and Y1/Y2 boccia, Tuesday - Y3/Y4 multisports, Wednesday - Y3-Y6 gymnastics and Y5/Y6 tag rugby  and Friday - Y5/Y6 touchball.  For KS1 pupils we have the Creative Club on a Tuesday and Wednesday lunchtime (12:20 to 13:00), for Y3/Y4 pupils at lunchtime we have games and Lego on a Monday, arts and crafts on a Tuesday, craft club on a Wednesday, Lego and colouring on a Thursday and board games on a Friday.  All clubs start at 12:30 and are held in the Y3/Y4 group room.  In addition there is choir on a Thursday which is available to all year groups and violin and cello practice on a Friday for Y4 pupils only.  For Y5 pupils there is a bingo/games/craft club on a Wednesday at 12:30.

School Uniform

All children are requested to wear school uniform at all times unless it is a designated non-uniform day (when we will inform you in advance).  The uniform consists of a white polo shirt, black/grey school skirt or trousers, white, black or grey socks/tights, black shoes.   Pupils may wear a blue summer dress in warm weather if they wish.  Children will also need a school PE kit which should be kept in school (unless it needs washing).  This consists of  a white t-shirt, royal blue shorts, a pair of trainers/pumps in a suitable PE bag.  Children who are having swimming lessons will also need a swimsuit or trunks, a towel and a swimming cap.  Uniform price reductions are available for those children on free school meals and special concessions can be made in the case of financial hardship.  School uniform can be purchased from the school and the current prices are:

Sweatshirt ......................................................... £9
Cardigan ......................................................... £10
Waterproof Fleece Lined Coat ............... £14
PE Kit (T-shirt, shorts and bag).................. £9
Book Bags ......................................................... £4
Polo Shirts ......................................................... £6

Available Sizes:     3/4,     5/6,     7/8,     9/10,     11/12,      13+

Lost Property

Any lost property that is handed in is located in the rotunda outside reception.  Please remember to label all uniform items as otherwise it is very difficult to confidently reunite clothing and owner as all the children wear the same uniform!

Medical Conditions and Illness

Please ensure that the school and class teacher are made fully aware of any medical conditions that your child may have, or if they have been feeling ill and need a 'special eye' keeping on them.  It is also particularly important that we have any medications that may be needed in the event of an emergency - for example an inhaler for a child with asthma, an epipen for a child with severe allergy etc.  Further advice on some common health issues can be found on our Health Advice page.

Pastoral Support

Rachel Tunney is the senior member of staff responsible for all pastoral issues within school.  She works with an excellent team who can provide assistance as required.  Mrs Tunney is responsible for all  children with special educational needs, she is the designated teacher for children who are in care and she is also the lead on behaviour issues.   You may also come across Mrs Liz Hutchinson who is our Family Support Manager.